ducks, in a row

This blog is about my life, mainly about where I go to eat, because that’s about all I do.  Assuming I leave the house.  Which I haven’t been assuming so much, recently.  Oh, and also ducks.




Duck of the Month: Turtle Alert!

Second trip to the Arboretum yields peace, love, happiness, etc.:

It was a very nice day, with much talk about fruit.  We decided on listing our top two fruits per season, which was an artifice that fell apart almost immediately, but left us with lists of our top-8 fruits.  Also, we decided that we would only count ‘fruit experiences,’ so lemons, limes, and tomatoes didn’t count.  Phenomenological fruit.  Mine were/are: blood oranges, mangos, kiwis, strawberrys (maybe just for nostalgia’s sake), pears (not sure what kind), pluots, bananas, and nectarines.  That’s all subject to change.  But what I want to know is, what are your top eight fruit experiences?

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