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Caramel braised kurobuta pork belly, radish, mustard greens

@ hinoki and the bird

Tallarines Verdes Con Camarones @ Mochica


Grilled black tiger prawns, tagliatelle, peanuts, Peruvian black mint pesto

@ mochica


hot toddies

20130325-hot toddy

red tofu falls

Hello everyone, all 12 of you.  I would like to announce something.  A hem.  Concomitant with the disintegration  and denigration of society, along with the ruination of everything else, I have started a tumblr blog.  About food.  I may be posting there more often than I post here.  To follow, you need a tumblr account, or RSS in a post-google-reader world.  Courage, dear readers.


Everything But the Duck


and also check out my LA blog

bottle octopus


Thank You

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