Duck of the Week

If Sal, the thanksgiving duck, were president, he would pardon all the turkeys.  Not just two of them.  All.



Urban Nature: Swifts

About a month ago, my biologist friend Luke took me to the top floor of a parking structure in downtown los angeles to watch some birds.  Apparently, swifts stop off in LA and other cities while migrating north and south in the spring and fall.  In Los Angeles, they prefer the chimney of an abandoned building off Broadway and fourth.  What’s amazing is that at dusk these birds with gather over this building, and then all fly into the chimney at once.  It’s pretty spectacular, actually, and looks like they’re being vacuumed into the chimney rather than flying in together.  On this particular occasion I think there were fewer birds than usual, since it was a little late in the season, and they went into the chimney rather fast.  The result was pretty impressive.

duck of the…month?


Ronny, Joey, Sammy, Bobby, Mikey, Johnny, Frankie, Sleepy,  Tommy, Stevie, Eddie, Percy, Georgie, Danny, and Leopold would like to apologize for not being around as much the past few weeks.  We’ve been busy.  This bread isn’t going to eat itself, after all.


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