make a salad

I’ve been really busy and it’s been really hot, two things which prevent me from both writing on this blog or cooking.  However, it has meant that I’ve been thinking more about things to make that require little or no heat, especially from an oven or broiler.  That mostly means ‘baby’ carrots, pluots, trader joes ‘middle eastern flatbread’ with greek yogurt (which for sociologists counts as ‘cooking’), and bottles of white wine.  Or eating out.  It also means salads, when I am in the mood.  I actually don’t like salads with large leaves, because I find them to be messy and annoying to eat, but fortunately there are many other ways to make a salad.  In what I think is a classic article, Mark Bittman details 101 such ways, in fact.  That article is actually a really good resource, if anything just to give you ideas.  I made #23 recently: it’s a quick-pickle salad (I used carrots instead of radishes).  I made a sizable amount of this and have been snacking on it, cold straight from the refrigerator.   Very refreshing!   Though vinegar-y of course, so eating it with rice or some sort of grain is also recommended (this can also be cold), and I would recommend adding lots of thai chilies, also for balance.  Lazy food is the best.


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