Dine LA restaurant week

I had the chance to eat somewhat less expensively recently, because of Dine LA restaurant week, which just concluded.  Ok, it concluded several weeks ago, but I didn’t get around to posting about it.  I’m sorry, but there’s been 3500 hours of olympics to watch, people.  I even watched some handball, which is sort of not really a sport, amirite?  Anyway,  do I even remember what I ate?  I think so?


Appealing because I’ve actually been re-watching top chef masters seasons 1 and 2 for some reasons, when they were actually playing for charity and not just to get more people to visit their restaurants.  Anyway Season 1 featured Suzanne Tracht, chef at Jar, which calls itself a “modern chophouse” which means they make steak and things.  The decor feels very 70s; the chairs had wheels, for example.  That’s ok I guess.  So, the food

Prime Rib Eye: first time I’ve eaten steak in fifteen or so years!  It was good, maybe a bit too chewy but then I asked for medium rare.  TAL, who is my fine dining partner (apparently?), said the steaks were wonderful, like the platonic ideal of steak.  I can’t really judge since it’s been so long.  They are certainly very filling.  I’m not sure how necessary it is to just eat a big slab of meat, but maybe my opinion will change over time.


Butterscotch Pudding: really really really good!  I think I just like soft caramels.  Once it cools down, I’m going to make this for the first person who comes over to my house to eat.  I will make you some butterscotch pudding and you have to eat it.

Picca Peru

The next week, I ventured *all the way* out to Beverly Hills to try Picca with the Secret Menu, A and J.  Picca is a very hip, of the moment place.  There was a lot of wood panelling and a ‘cabin’ look, exposed filament lightbulbs, no tablecloths, and open kitchen and bar within the restaurant, a large wall mirror with things written on it (mirrors might be the new chalkboards), and odd things on the walls.  It’s just how things look these days.

Picca Peru

Anyway, the food.  Picca is a Peruvian restaurant, obviously, and the menu is strongly influenced by Japanese cuisine  like Peru itself.  We had some options because this is a ‘small plates’ place, of course.  Well first drinks, while we waited for our table.  I honestly forget exactly what was in my drink, but it had strawberry air, I believe.  A’s drink was also fancy:

That’s the top of the drink.  The period is what makes it fancy.  And then…well to be honest, it’s a bit of a haze at the moment.  That’s the trouble with food.  It goes away, leaving only haze.  But a delicious haze.  In some cases a strawberry haze.  mmm.

But I think these or slight varions on these were among the parade of small plates:

chicharron de pollo. marinated crispy chicken, salsa criolla, rocoto sauce, ceviche mixto. mixed seafood, sweet potato, choclo, tres leches de tigre. rocoto, aji amarillo, sea urchin shooters, arroz chaufa de mariscos. mixed seafood, peruvian fried rice, pickled radish, causa snow crab. cucumber, avocado, huancaina sauce, bisteck a lo pobre. skirt steak, egg, pan fried banana, chickpeas tacu tacu, alfajoresvanilla bean pisco flan.

Also an eggplant dish that’s not on their menu anymore.

I can speak best to what I ordered.  The “bisteck a lo pobre” was a pretty amazing combination; I think mine also had rice..  Steak, egg, banana and chickpeas and rice go really well together.  In fact I was very pleasantly surprised by how well fried egg and fried banana pair.  The causa snow crab came in two cute little bites and was lovely and refreshing.  The ceviche was a really nice way to start the meal.  The Alfajores was good – sugary and crisp, though the creamy flan was probably better.  If I went back…well, I would try new things, but probably hit up the bisteck dish again.

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