pluot empanadas

Pluots are my favorite fruit.  There, I said it.  Developed stateside by an American biologist, I feel they can be a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness, with a nice texture, and they don’t spoil too too quickly.  They are derived from a cross between a plum and an apricot called a plucot, in which the plum dominates (if it’s more apricot than plum, you get the aprium).  Later generations of plumcots are called pluots.  I only discovered them once I moved to California, where many varieties are available in the farmers’ markets.

So I thought, now that they are in season, what should I do with them, aside of just eating them?  I thought about maybe a pie, but then I can’t eat a pie by myself; that’s gross.  So how about a mini-pie?  Inspired by a mango empanada that I had, I decided to try it out.

And to try it out, I collaborated with my friends at The Secret Menu.  They cook great food, and are actually good at photography and design and what not as well.  Click on the link for the recipe and amazing photos and video (!), and you’ll want to subscribe to their blog too.

UPDATE: the secret menu link now directs you to the secret menu, not wikipedia.


3 Responses to pluot empanadas

  1. secretmenu says:

    Thanks for the recipe – and for the plug! Let’s do this again sometime.

  2. VH says:

    pluots are your favorite fruit!!

  3. Rachel M. says:

    that’s a really nice photo.

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