soowon galbi

I have been non-vegetarian for little over a year now, and have slowly incorporated more meat into my diet, even though I don’t cook with meat, except fish.  There has been, until now, an dimension of Los Angeles meat gluttony that I have so far not participated in.  This exists, of course, in the high-ish dining scene (e.g. Animal).  But then there are also other things, like Korean BBQ.

I was therefore very happy to meet up with my friends T & T and a bunch of other people I didn’t know at Soowon Galbi.  One of this group was a Korean BBQ expert and so ordered for the group.  Ordering a lot of food and drink for a large group is a lot of fun, because it seems so decadent coming all at once like that.  Anyway, I was very excited.

First, the banchan.  Not as good as the one at Soban, but still great.  There was a really wonderful pickled cucumber dish, different kinds of seaweed, and both rice and radish ‘paper’.  The steamed radish slices were in particular a good envelope for the waves of meat coming off the grill.  I have to say, I don’t really know what all the different cuts of meat and preparations that were put in front of us were, but that we had four, and then ordered second rounds of two of them.  One of them, and my favorite, was the rich, tasty bulgogi.  But all of them were quite good, even the pork belly.  The experience was made much better by the fact that we were a big group and drank a lot of beer and soju, and by the excellent and attentive and yet laid back service.  It was made less good by the fact that I was trying to avoid watching the miami heat, and yet there they were, on a gigantic television, right next to us.  At least no sensible person in America is a heat fan, as was the case in this establishment as well.


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