plant update

I recently went to the Huntington plant sale with VH and W.  Supposedly there were many obscure varieties of plants that one cannot find elsewhere, but what do I know, I just pick things that look nice.  My succulent collection had grown a bit stagnant, partially due to my inability to grow plants and also because I didn’t really have enough and the ones I had were in the wrong kind of pots.  I think one got a disease and died quickly.  But enough of these somber thoughts.  On to the new ones.

1. Gollum Jade

Like the Lord of the Rings character?  YES, my precious, like the Lord of the Rings character!  There is also such a thing as a “hobbit” jade, which has leaves that are more flat, while these are tubular.  Though humble now, it looks as it will grow in surprising, gravity defying ways without requiring repotting.  “Young plants will quadruple in size in one year only.”  How exciting.

2. pachyphytum glutinicaule

This is a very funny looking plant.  Doofy.  I’ll go with doofy.   It should have a more common name, no?  Shouldn’t all plants have common names?  Possibly it does have one, which is “moran,” but I can’t tell for sure.  Moran would be a good name in any case.  Anyway I really like this one.  I can’t find too much more (interesting) information about it though.  Very mysterious.

3. crassula arborescens undulatifolius

I think my favorite.  I love the curling but stiff leaves with the red tint (because of sun exposure).  “Undulating,” says one grower.  It is also a “comparatively recent discovery, first described by Toelken in 1974, known only from the southern parts of the Klein Winterhoek Mountains in the eastern Cape Province,” growing near jade plants.  Learn something new everyday.  Also Toelken is sort of like Tolkien and thus continues our lord of the rings theme.

Most exciting, however, is not a plant I bought but one that I’ve had for 1.5 years.  Drumroll…my orchid is blooming!  I have no idea what I did to make this happen.  When I first got this plant some of the flowers were in bloom and there were many buds on two different spikes.  The flowers and buds rapidly fell off and I was left with a(nother) sad looking orchid plant.  Well now it’s blooming.

Thus ends the plant update.

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2 Responses to plant update

  1. Rachel M. says:

    must be nice to have such good FRIENDS who tell you about plant sales that they are tragically unable to attend.

    also! i have a gollum jade and it’s a crazy little tree. haven’t you seen him? also, i’m staying in LA.

    • aem321 says:

      Yes, credit to you for telling me about the plant sale. Good think you are staying, so you can tell me about more! You’re still staying, right?

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