Schubert at wd

I’ve been listening to KUSC in the car recently, because I think I’ve exhausted the hot 92 playlist and NPR is of course unbearable.  It has the effect of making driving a much calmer and less draining experience.  No matter how much I love LA, I will never love driving or the sun (yes, the sun.  That’s a separate post).

Anyway, either this, or the revelation that I can see a LA phil show for $10, or the civilizing effect that peeky has on me, but I decided to see a performance of Schubert’s 9th symphony last weekend.  Before this they played a number of “orchestrated songs” – I guess Schubert set a lot of poems to music.  These (the poem pieces) I did not like so much.  They were short and had no real development and it was weird hearing them one after another.  The crowd disagreed and several gave an almost ostentatious standing ovation with many shouts of “bravo.”  And there was still more clapping and an encore, etc.  There is all together too much clapping, really.  The symphony itself was wonderful, playful and lively and positive.  I (not an expert in music) thought that the piece was really driven by the flute sections; they were the most impressive in any case.  The conductor was annoying.  I thought it was very good.  Whether the crown agreed or not was not material, since so many of them left as soon as it was over, with no clapping, because they wanted to get out of the parking lot, I suppose.  So in that case, perhaps not enough clapping.

Speaking of the crowd, they were sort of insufferable.  True, I hate people, so maybe I’m biased.  I didn’t expect the crowd to actually be so cliché – old, and dressed up (rich), and very white.  People running into their ‘colleagues.’    Talking with barely hidden competition about the quality of their seats.  Stepping over people instead of waiting for them to let you through (!).  The upstairs bar had reserved spots.  They clapped after the first movement.  There was a guy in a white leather hoodie and Silverlake glasses in front of me who chastised a nearby Asian man for, I don’t know, making some sound with his program or something.  When I went to the proms over the summer, everyone in the center area had waited in line for an hour or two to pay £5 to stand and listen to some music.  Here, even though I bought a student ticket, I was next to the riff-raff who had paid full price.

But, whatever, it’s $10.


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