The criteria I have for writing about food places is 1) if it’s a place that’s worth going to and 2) if you have been there or not.  (2) is easier considering I know the majority of visitors to this blog (at least those who don’t find this blog by searching for “spring break fuck“.  Those people are even more disappointed than the average reader.).  The latter criterion is made more difficult in that I often visit these places with you, and then of course you’ve been there, so why read about it?

Why indeed.  Anyway, my most recent blogable outing was to Guisados in Boyle Heights.  As with most of the downtown-adjacent neighborhoods, I like this area a lot.  The tacos (and other food) at Guisados is slightly unconventional, as far as tacos go.  They have a list of about a dozen tacos, several of them vegetarian, that are familiar sounding and yet not, things that you wouldn’t exactly be able to find just anywhere.  Because of this, I had the taco sampler, which is six mini-tacos.

clockwise from top left: tinga de pollo, chuleta en salsa verde, cochinita pabil, chicken mole poblano, steak picado, and bistek en salsa rojo (center).  I think that’s right.  Hopefully.  Anyway,  I also got calabacitas for good measure.

In addition to being only semi-clear on what I was actually eating, I was also starving and finished all six fairly quickly, though I was trying to keep track and remember how each tasted.  All were very flavorful and ‘hearty’ but still fresh – I think they specialize in stewed meats. The tortillas are made  next door, and were fluffy but substantial.  I started with the cochinita pabil which is like carnitas, but made from slow-roasting a whole suckling pig with a fair amount of lemon or lime juice.  Yeah, wikipedia, whatever.  Anyway this version was quite spicy and very tender.

The mole was quality, light and not too intense.  The flavor of the chicken, to the extent that chicken has flavor, was not lost.  The steak dishes were very similar, both made with stewed meats I think.  The tinga de pollo was very spicy with a habanero salsa.  I was not prepared for how spicy it was going to be, but it was manageable.  I also had the horchata, which was refreshing and delicious, and the quesadilla with fried cheese, which I will be having again soon.

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