I’m not sure if the below is post-worthy.  I finally ate at the Kogi truck.  It’s a little bit elusive to be honest, travelling as it does all around LA and Orange counties.  But they finally settled up to a spot near Wilshire/Western in K-town, so R and I were able to go.  It lived up to the hype.  I got the spicy pork and short rib tacos and we shared the kimchi quesadilla.   I was not a big fan of the latter actually; too bitter and salty.  Odd because I quite like picked vegetables.  Anyway, the two tacos were more than enough and quite delicious.  It is, suffice to say, a good idea: flavorful Koreanish food in tacos.  The short ribs especially were really delicious – very tender and juicy.  What else can I say?  Yeah, not a very post-worthy post, and the bar is already set well-low.  WHATEVER.


One Response to Kogi

  1. Rachel M. says:

    oh god, i just realized that the rest of that quesadilla is still in my fridge. kimchee is a preservative, right?

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