spring break fuck yeah

Actually I was working the whole two weeks that I didn’t have to go to campus.  And somehow didn’t get that much done?  Such is life.  Let’s start with LA:

1. Pa Ord noodle

I’ve heard good things about this restaurant for a while, and yelp seems to emphasize the spiciness of the dishes, which I suppose is always a good thing.  I was waiting to go here with another human being, but people kept being busy or anxious or whatever so I just went by myself.  I got the ‘drunken noodles,’ which maybe wasn’t the best thing to get because I remembered that you are supposed to eat them when you are drunk, which makes sense considering how greasy and oily they are at most places.  So it’s a dish that’s meant to be ordinary but satisfying, which is what it was.  The spice at first seemed very manageable but built very quickly as I ate more.  I was only able to finish a bit more than half.  So, in conclusion…I don’t know.  I need to go back.

2. Soban

I haven’t had much Korean food in my life, I suppose because I was vegetarian for so long?  In any case, I heard JG recommend this place a couple months ago and got it in my head to go.  There was a good banchan, which is the bunches of small dishes they bring you at the beginning of the meal.  I suppose I wouldn’t know if it was not good, because I don’t know what to compare it to, but I liked it.  Apparently the thing to get is a raw crab dish called Ganjang Gaejang, but it was $30 and I have no idea how to eat a crab, so, no.  I got the stewed cod, which came with a tangy broth with vegetables.  It wasn’t very spicy, but it was rich and tasty all the same.  I felt embarrassed because the fish had bones in it and I was not able to take them off with my chopsticks.  This blog post is going nowhere fast.  Here’s a picture.

3.  Inksack

Oh Inksack!  This is Michael Voltaggio’s sandwich place just down the block from Ink.  The idea though is totally different; the food here is novel but not ‘creative,’ which I think I like quite a bit.  I mean, it’s sandwiches.  I got the banh mi.  I haven’t had a lot of banh mi sandwiches in my life, but I have to say it always sounded like a great idea.  I also love pickled vegetables.  We also got the “crab chips,” which were very good potato chips that tasted nothing like crab.  I’ll come back here before I go back to Ink, and not just because of the price.

I did make a ‘work’ trip to Providence, which was energizing actually.  My presentation went well, but I spent most of my time catching up with old friends from different contexts.  I had been thinking of Providence as a very small and so not interesting city for me (at this time in my life), but I really enjoyed being there again.  Something about the city prompts chilly walks in fall and spring, which I always loved.  My friends there seemed to know a lot of people about town, and there are a small number of lively, vibrant bars and restaurants, much more so than when I lived there actually.  And I don’t mind the weather.

First of all, the first night I was there we went to the pub where my friend C still works.  They have started raffling lobsters.  There was quite a high lobster-to-people ratio this particular night, and someone gave us a bunch of their tickets, and so I ended up winning two (live) lobsters and a bunch of clams.  They were cooked the following evening at 2am as I looked up on ehow what I was supposed to actually do with them.  I was sort of hesitant to cook live creatures, but being drunk helped.  Oddly we saved the lobster so I didn’t end up actually eating them.  Eating them seemed more complicated than cooking them.  Definitely something you have to do sober, at least for the first time.  We did eat the clams.

4. Parkside


Reunion dinner with some so-cal people.  Excellent bread.  I had the veal and sage agnolotti, which also had sausage, peas, and came in a tomato sauce.  First of all, more than one meat in a thing seems like too much.  Also, the tomato sauce was good, but one always feels that such things could be made at home without too much effort.  The kitchen at this place was open and was tiny, which made the production of a range of dishes for a medium sized place more impressive.  We had a bottel of pinot noir which was probably the best thing, food/drink wise, of the place, but I forgot what it was called.


5. Loie Fuller

We had a nice providence reunion brunch at this lovely restaurant.  My providence friends seemed to know the people working and some of the people eating there, which made it seem even more friendly and communal.  I had the crab polenta which was excellent: creamy, lemony polenta with a distinct crab flavor below with two poached eggs and baby spinach.  The spinach wasn’t an afterthought; everything tasted really good when put together in one bite, but of course in an unpretentious way.  The coffee was good too.

6. Julian’s

I’ve heard a lot about this place as a fixture on the Providence food scene but had never been.  I didn’t hang out too much on the west side when I lived here, for whatever reason (I think it seemed far away?!?).  Anyway, it’s a very comfy place.  In fact the bathroom has a TV that was playing a documentary, as well as two display cases filled with pez dispensers and original Star Wars figures.  I had the skate over a pork fried rice.  Well cooked and satisfying, though I’m not sure the pork was necessary.  It was topped with a salad that had a balsamic vinegar dressing, which was sort of odd but it worked.

So what have we learned?  Nothing.  I’ll try to step up my blogging game.  Pictures below.  Also this song has been in my head

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4 Responses to spring break fuck yeah

  1. secretmenu says:

    Wait, you didn’t eat the lobsters that you won? Whatever, I’ll ask you more about that later. I ate at Julian’s last May, and remember being pleasantly surprised–it’s even better now than it was ten years ago (though they didn’t have the TV in the bathroom back then).

  2. aem321 says:

    No I didn’t eat the lobsters! Because it was late at night and we weren’t that hungry. It was a busy weekend, eating and otherwise…

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