lazy ox canteen

This is a place that I’ve been wanting to go to for sometime.  And so I went, with VH.  The place itself is fairly inviting, but then I like places with chalkboards.  Though I’m not sure I like chalkboards themselves.  Because of scheduling issues, I teach in a room that doesn’t have a ‘smart’ podium and has chalkboards, which is good in a lot of ways.  Chalk, for example, is quite cheap; you can get 32 pieces of white and different color chalk for $1 at Target.  But it doesn’t erase well and is very messy.  I always get it on my hands and all over my clothes.  Anyway.

The lazy ox is a small plates place.  Wary of ordering too much, as we did at Ink, we got four plates of food.

1. Crispy rabbit livers w/ radicchio, apple, hearts of palm & anchovy vinaigrette

A very good apple salad, with bright, acidic salad-y notes.  The rabbit livers were more fried-crisp than liver, and so somewhat disappointing.  Not bad, but it felt like it could have been anything, deep fried.

2. bellwether farms ricotta fritters with saba & saffron honey

omg so good!  Though I eat meat now, my heart still lies with well conceived, satisfying, vegetarian food.  And fried cheese counts.  The creamy fried intensity of the cheese mixed with the saffron honey was fairly irresistible.  I could have had ten of these.

3. Poached egg, quinoa and crispy pork belly

I was wary of this because of the pork belly, given my difficulties with bacon.  But we figured out that the reason I don’t like bacon has to do with the smokiness.   In this case, the fried pork belly was the perfect complement to the spicy, lemon-y, extremely flavorful quinoa.  The creaminess of the egg made this the most cohesive dish of the evening

4. manila clams w/pork sausage and potatoes

We wanted to get at least one clam dish.  This one was extremely flavorful and satisfying, though maybe less memorable than the others.

5. rice pudding with caramel & hazelnut crumb

We were advised to get the butterscotch pudding or the chocolate pate, but that’s not what we wanted.  We wanted the rice pudding.  And it was phenomenal!  The caramel sauce was completely delicious, and having just made a bunch of candy, I appreciated its gooey, viscous consistency.  This wasn’t making a chocolate cake taste good, which can’t be so hard.  It was making what could be a very ordinary dessert extraordinary.  We were very happy with this.

I mentioned to VH the small-plates similarity between lazy ox and ink, and she rightly pointed out the differences.  Ink is trying to be exciting, with its whipped fish sauce and kelp pasta and carrots that don’t taste like carrots.  This restaurant was dealing in more ‘tried and true’ combinations, like brussels sprouts and bacon, or pork sausage and clams.  That being said, I still find this food creative and interesting, and more importantly, will go back with no hesitation.

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3 Responses to lazy ox canteen

  1. VH says:

    just looked at their current menu. too bad the fish collar wasn’t on the menu when we went! also the shisito peppers with mojama sounds delicious (had to look up the latter). definitely worth going again.

  2. aem321 says:

    lets do it! I just want to try more of their desserts.

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