I eat more than I blog

Life can be confusing, you know?  Right now I’m hoping Mr. Focus on the Family taps into his spirituality to get a fucking first down against the worst defense in football.  And he was just sacked.  Twice.  It’s in these times of need that I turn to the lord’s sustaining bounty, for it comforts and soothes my yearning soul.

I’m sorry I made you watch that desecration of a VU song, because now your eyes are bleeding.  Anyway, on to the food.

1. Cafe Sanjang

I have not had very much Korean food in my life, because by the time I was in a place where there was Korean food I was vegetarian.  I guess you can be vegetarian and still eat Korean food, but everyone kept going to Korean BBQ and gushing about how they loved the meat and I was annoyed.  Anyway, not a problem anymore.

Sanjang is a fairly large restaurant that must be a pretty happenin’ spot at night.  But I was there with S at 4:30 on weekeday, so hardly anyone else was there.  No matter, the happy hour prices were great.  We shared cold saki and a fried seaweed wrap appetizer, while I got the Bulgogi bowl and she got the eel bowl.  I have to say it was a very satisfying food experience.  First of all the sake was served like this:

With the blue part being ice that kept the bottle cool.  The seaweed wrap, meanwhile, was pretty amazing.  It was seaweed wrapped around potato noodles and vegetables, then deep fried and served with a tangy, spicy sauce.  The potato noodles were like glass noddles, maybe a little thicker in texture and flavor.  I could have gone for more of the sauce.  I will go back for these.  The bulgogi bowl was beef and rice and very hearty.  I tasted the eel bowl and it seemed the same.  I’m new to this kind of food so maybe I’m just being generous, but this place sort of hits the spot.  I want to see it at night filled with youthful, nubile, extremely annoying college kids.  That way I can eat my fried seaweed roll, while watching the mayhem with disdain.

2. Lou

Wine bar that has turned into a restaurant, in a very inconspicuous strip mall spot in Hollywood, just north of Larchmont village area.  I had medium-low expectations for this place as a wine bar and medium high expectations for this place as a gastro-pub-y restaurant.  I mean, they had a chalkboard and everything.  But it turned out the other way around.  I had a series of red wines, most notably a fresh and mineral-y bergerac that is not listed on their outdated online menu and so is lost forever.  For food, we had pig candy, mac and cheese, and quail stuffed with mushrooms.  I think it was meant to be done-up homespun food, ‘new american’ style, but instead was just homespun.  Nothing wrong with that, though you get the distinct sense you could have made any of these dishes at home with your eyes closed.  I also finalized something while eating the ‘pig candy,’ which was bacon caremlized in brown sugar: namely, that I don’t like bacon.  The smoky/salty flavor and smell are just too overpowering for me (or should that be, ‘too powering’?).  If anything, making it sweet would make me like it, but I don’t.  It’s disappointing for me as well.  Somehow, I still want to go to animal.

3. Daikokuya

One of the 99.  Being able to eat things cooked in miscellaneous broth was probably the primary reason I originally became vegetarian last year.  I just wanted tacos and noodles without worrying, in other words.  Still, I’ve always had my issues with something everyone else loves: noodles in broth.  This has nothing to do with the dish itself, but rather with my idiosyncrasies:  I am not fantastic with chop sticks, I hate messy eating, and I don’t like being too hot.  So, however good the dish, I find noodle soups drippy and slurpy, and they make me too hot.  Wow, that sounds really dirty.  Well, that’s how it is.

After waiting for 30 min, I can’t say this experience was any different.  Too much food, too much mess.  And also very very tasty.  If I could eat ramen in an efficient way and in an air conditioned room it would probably be my favorite thing.  As it is, I dripped broth all over my coat, and got full really quickly.  But it was still good and I’ll go back, if anything just for the mysteriously cooked hard/soft egg.


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4 Responses to I eat more than I blog

  1. secretmenu says:

    Is it bad that your post makes me want to flee my house in search of bulgogi while my beloved partner is in the kitchen slaving away? Actually, rereading my question sort of answered it for me.

  2. aem321 says:

    It is not bad. True love (for bulgogi) cannot be denied.

  3. Rachel M. says:

    “If I could eat ramen in an efficient way and in an air conditioned room it would probably be my favorite thing. As it is, I dripped broth all over my coat, and got full really quickly.”

    Those sentences made me laugh really hard for some reason.

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