Sapp Coffee Shop

Tomorrow is thanksgiving so I’m going to make this quick.  Sapp Coffee Shop.  Had

• Boat noodle soup with beef meatballs, tripe, beef liver,  tendon, and blood

• Tom Ka Gai

• Crispy catfish with curry paste

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Everything was quite good: hearty, satisfying and flavorful.  I asked for “medium-spicy,” because I’ve found this is the most vague and generic term for a spice level that I’ve come up with.  Really I wish they wouldn’t ask you at all, and just make it how they make it.  Anyway, this turned out to be the right amount of spice.

The boat noodles are what they are known for, and they met the above characteristics.  I liked but didn’t love them, which I think is because the sort of musky flavor the liver and broth.  I actually thought of that word, ‘musky,’ as I was eating it, but then thought it a kind of go-to word for me when describing flavors that were difficult to deal with.  I say this, because I only later learned that J Gold described the dish this way: “murky, organ-rich beef soup amplified with shrieking chile heat, thickened with blood, the tartness of lime juice locked in muscular poise with the brawny muskiness of the broth”

The crispy catfish was good, but maybe sliced too thinly; it was more crispy than catfish.  The real star of the night was the Tom Ka Gai soup, which was rich and flavorful but also light and resplendent with lemongrass, galangal and chile flavor.  The chicken was completely unnecessary and added nothing (which I’ve been finding is usually the case with chicken).  I could eat that soup for days.  It was a good soup.  I guess what I’m saying is, if you go to this restaurant, you should get the soup.

They close at 8pm, apparently, which we learned as they mopped and chair-turned around us as we finished our meal.  It was a little weird.   But they were nice.  The end.

I just made a weird pumpkin pie.  Anyway, tomorrow is thanksgiving and I’m making a turkey for the first time ever.  Wish me luck!  Here is your thanksgiving duck of the week:


2 Responses to Sapp Coffee Shop

  1. lesbonsbonsdesraisons says:

    I really appreciate that you didn’t stop being a vegetarian to just to eat chicken breasts and halibut, but are instead plunging straight into the beautiful world of offal.

    • aem321 says:

      Well, to me eating the breast or leg of the animal is no more or less ‘weird’ than eating any other part of it. If someone wanted to eat my leg I would find that weird. Nevermind.

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