The proms

Every summer, the BBC holds a classical music festival at the Royal Albert Music Hall called The Proms (short for ‘promenade‘).  Every night for two months they have performances, by a variety of orchestras, performers, and conductors.  And everyday, you can line up outside to get £5 tickets!  You have to line up at about 6pm or 6:30 for a 7:30 performance, and you have to stand inside, but you are pretty close to the orchestra and the hall is beautiful, and it’s only £5!  I am not too well versed in classical music, but I know the basics, and plus going to concerts is a good way to learn more.  The first time I went they did pieces by Debussy, Ravel, and a piece that was, let’s say, a bit non-linear by Dutilleux which I had not heard before.  The hit of the night was Ravel’s Boléro, which was spirited and cheerful.  I then tried to ago again that same week to finally  see Gustavo Dudamel, who usually conducts about 5 min away from me at the Walt Disney hall, but by 6:00 the line was already around the corner and down the block, etc.  Finally, this past week I saw Yo Yo Ma perform (with the orchestra) a piece by Graham Fitkin, which was ok.  Then they played the entirety of Beethoven’s ninth symphony, with the chorus.  It doesn’t seem odd that you’ve never actually heard live such a famous piece of music until you are listening to it, and realize that it would be really hard for a recording to be similar to a live experience.  I have no plans to download the ringtone.



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