I promised you pictures of ducks and food, and do I disappoint, ever?  No.  No I don’t.  So here you go.


This is from lunch at a place called e5 bakehouse, which I would have never found except for a tip from my roommate, because I told her I liked bread.  It’s in a little shop under an overground train, on a street where they made a lot of these spaces for similar places.  I had a sandwich with hummus and lettuce and other vegetables and a latte, but of course the real reason for coming was the bread.  The bread was chewy and rich with a nice crust, as good bread is.  I took home half a loaf of their raisin walnut bread.  I didn’t know what to put into a sandwich with this sort of bread, so I just ended up eating slices of it as is.  I tried nutella but it didn’t really work.

Pictures below, and, for your very special added viewing pleasure, we also have: Josephine the finsbury park duck, Guzzi the diet-conscious cat, and, as a very special guest, Albert the traffic turtle.  Albert sends along a friendly reminder to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.


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2 Responses to commitment

  1. Gosh, that cat is cute.

    I’ve found that the only thing that really works on raisin bread is butter.

    Miss you!

  2. aem321 says:

    Indeed, yes, butter. I was thinking of trying some sort of fruit – maybe pear/arugula/cheese? But then I kept not going to the market and kept getting hungry so I just ate it.

    miss you too! I hope you quit your job or at least went on strike.

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