Asparagus Pesto

I’ve been going to the silverlake farmer’s market, because it’s closer than the Hollywood market, and a nice saturday morning ritual.  In terms of size and selection, I have to say it is inferior, but it does the job and it’s always nice to pick up a few things.  Last week, this meant an impulse buy of some asparagus.  I like asparagus a lot but it’s not the most versatile of things, seeing as the best way to eat it is barely cooked with salt and lemon (the same is true of avocados).  So I decided to look up ‘asparagus pesto,’ to see if this was a reasonable thing to do with asparagus, and stumbled upon a ‘recipe‘ by the always helpful Mark Bittman.

It’s very easy: boil the asparagus for a few minutes until it’s bright green and knife goes through it easily, then add to a food processor with other pesto-y things.  I used garlic, walnuts (instead of pine nuts, because they are slightly cheaper and I can use them in cookies also), salt, pepper, pecorino romano (instead of parmesan, because that’s what I had) and a jalapeno, because it’s green and I like spice and what the hell.  I also added a little farmer’s market basil and some lemon juice.  My main problem with pesto in the past, is that most recipes ask you to put in 3/4 a cup of oil, or more, which is kind of too much since you also need like a cup of cheese. Do you know how many calories are in a cup of olive oil?  1909 calories.  Not that you would eat it all yourself, but still.  So I put in 1/4 a cup and some pasta water and it was fine, better even than super oily gross basil-asparagus food of death.  And walnuts are better than pine nuts.

It’s really good.  Very fresh tasting, especially with the lemon.  I was proud of myself, for my skill in turning a food processor on.

Here is a picture.  Forgive my pretentious food photography skills, as I have only just started.


One Response to Asparagus Pesto

  1. aem321 says:

    Ok, that picture doesn’t really show the pesto so much. But look at that apple in the back!

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