Hollywood Thai + Domestic Food Adventures

By adventures I mean I cook sometimes.  I’m not good at taking pictures of food, so these dishes probably don’t look that appetizing, but they came out great.  The first is a butternut squash risotto that I made using my new dutchoven (!) and a book my sister gave me, the Farm To Table Cookbook, which I grew to like after I used it on thanksgiving.  The second is a potato and mushroom gratin, made in part using my new food processor (!!), from the always reliable Deborah Madison.  The food processor is a perfect size, 7 cup, and I’ve already also made pesto, bread, pie crust, and other things.

But on to slightly more interesting things: at some point in recent weeks (sorry, haven’t been posting), I went with my friend Rachel to Hollywood Thai.  I had a dish that was called, well I don’t remember, but I think something along the line of “spicy fish.”  Indeed, it was.  And very good too.  One distinctive feature was that it was cooked with peppercorns still on the stalk, which I had not seen before (very blurry picture included below).  The fish was cooked quite well and ‘aggressively’ spiced but not overpowering.  A very flavorful dish (though I suppose this is the same as just saying it was good).  Whatever…pictures:

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