Unique LA

I spent last saturday at Unique LA with my friend Lara.  Unique LA is a clothing and craft convention in downtown LA.  It was held at the California Market Center, an odd 13 story office building with a sort of warehouse-y convention space at the top.  I mainly went to see my friend Reneé and her wares, which are handmade bags (automatic sweetheart).  Being around so many design and fashion conscious people ended up being fairly draining, and I actually ended up a little sore from walking around, although this probably only denotes my current state of physical decay.  But there were some interesting things there.  I kept finding the perfect gifts for people I didn’t know, like vampire oven mitts and a pre-obama bill clinton poster, in vaguely shepard faireyesque style (just in the sense of bright, exaggerated graphics).  I now wish I had taken a picture, or bought it, because it was completely hilarious, though probably not meant as ironic.  What I did find were some cat toys and cards from modern cat, an interesting, non-ostentatious, reasonably priced print t-shirt by I forget who, and some recipe cards from shortstack that I gave as a housewarming gift.  I bought the recipe cards because, as a paper thing to buy, they were sort of unique, with a nice design.  But what I also realized is that most people doing ‘indie’ paper design seem to have exactly the same little otsu aesthetic: pastel colors, semi-minimal design, lots of rooted plants and animals, especially birds.  Some of the cards even played a Sufjan Stevens song when you opened them. J/k.  There was also some good chocolate and other food at this event.  Lara and I got free tote bags, two drinks, and a picture with a crazy snowman for our $10 entry fee.  Swell day.

Now go buy some shit from automatic sweetheart!


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