Pie of Pears, with crust

When I flew to Denver, Colorado, recently for thanksgiving, I somehow had one thing on my mind: pears (well, also seeing my family and friends and grading, etc, but mostly just pears).  Though I forget it now, my brother-in-law John informed me that this is not my first holdiay season pear fixation, and that in fact I made a pear cobbler or something of that nature a couple years ago around Christmas.

But who doesn’t like pears (who doesn’t?!).  Especially cooked, with other sweet things, like sugar.  Considering I have also been walking around rather smugly since my friend Reneé and I made a savory pot pie, I decided that I was going to make a pear pie.  With two crusts, one on the bottom and one on the top, just like a real pie (not with criss-crossing crust strips, made while listening to the latest (?) Boy Least Likely To album..I’m not that twee yet).

Good thing I had just watched an episode of Alton Brown where he makes exactly such a thing: a no pan pear pie!  A galette, basically.  Except I wasn’t making a galette, I was making a pie.  In a pan.  That’s not important, what’s important are the pears.

Basically the pie came out as a smashing success.  It was ridiculously rich, but the crust was, indeed, tender and flaky, if a bit too thick, and the filling was really heavenly, with concentrated fruit, sugar, and balsamic flavors.  So it was tart, sweet, and tangy all at the same time, in a crust that was rich and creamy, and of coursed served with vanilla bean ice cream, so as to kill anyone trying to eat it.

I did make some adjustments, and would suggest a few more.  First, I skipped the pound cake and just made three times as much filling (with six pears, one package of blueberries, and one of blackberries).  Second, maybe cause it was meant as a galette, the recipe makes way too much crust.  You could have probably gotten both top and bottom crust out of the recipe, instead of making it twice like we did.  Also, I think all the steps are unnecessary.  Just combine the dry ingredients and room temp butter, then cut in some cold butter as instructed, and then refrigerate.  No need to to keep going back and forth to the refrigerator.  And you can probably afford to use less butter, if you are one of those people.

Yum! :

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3 Responses to Pie of Pears, with crust

  1. lesbonsbonsdesraisons says:

    GAH! That looks AMAZING! I feel like a total-pie novice that it never occurred to me that you could make a pear pie. GENIUS!

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