Fennesz, Eagle Rock Community Center, 9/29

I went to the Eagle Rock Community Center last week to see Fennesz.  Well, actually Fennesz was opening up for Animal Collective’s Deakin, but I didn’t stick around for that.  Even for $15 it was worth it, considering how little good experimental or ambient electronic music comes around.  The space was quite weird…well not weird for a community center at all, but weird for a concert.  It was a large, church-like hall with fairly bad acoustics.  Still, it was not too croweded and nice to be an electronic show, so I was happy.  Before Fennesz were two bands, one of which was completely forgettable, and the other was called “Prince Rama,” and was sort of like a UCSB psychadelic White Mice (only because they had knob-turning guy as an essential component, not because they were (intentionally) in costume).  Anyway, I took video of most the Fennesz show.  It was about what I expected, a bit less melodic than the one album I have (Endless Summer), and with less structure.  That being said, his use of the guitar really complements the more noise-oriented aspects of the music, without being contrived.  The whole set had quite a calming effect on me.  I don’t go to shows often, but would if I could see more stuff like this.

(I didn’t think to tape the whole thing until the second clip, and so there’s a gap between the first and second.  Also I ran out of space on my camera, but the end of the fourth clip is more or less the end of the show)


One Response to Fennesz, Eagle Rock Community Center, 9/29

  1. lesbonsbonsdesraisons says:

    AK! I saw Prince Rama here in Paris. Man oh man they were bad. Like really bad.

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